Camp Whitney is an accredited United Church camp (United Church of Canada and Alberta Camping Association) that gives campers between the ages of 6 to 15, an opportunity to explore their relationship with God, with nature and with each other. Campers reside in rustic cabins with up to 8 campers and one counsellor.

The camp counsellor will be host for cabin group of 6-8 campers.

Duties Include:

  • Working in a team environment. This may include mentoring a  counsellor in training to assist with cabin duties.
  • Overseeing the emotional and physical welfare of campers
  • Creating a safe environment
  • Leading activities for campers
  • Encouraging a fun, cooperative and God centred experience
  • Accompany campers to activities
  • Familiarizing yourself with health concerns of campers
  • Being outdoors
  • Programming

Staff stay on-site for the duration of each camp, sleeping in cabins with assigned camper group. If you enjoy being in a fun-filled environment working closely with children in the great outdoors, we encourage you to apply.