Your typical camp day

As the sun rises and your camp day begins.  What are you to expect?  Well let us say that there are no typical days at Camp Whitney. Each day is a special day, packed with special activities for each camper. So how will your special day occur?

After you rise from your sleep you will begin to get ready for a tasty breakfast. Following breakfast you and your fellow campers will clean up your cabins and then you are ready for the first activity of the day.

Let us say your first activity is God Talk. At God Talk you will get to know more about the Bible in an exciting and fun way. You will learn at God Talk values for life.

Following God Talk you may involved in a session of learning archery or canoeing. Following that session you may be involved in a session of art,  craft or drama.

By now you would have worked up an appetite and lunch would be ready.  Our kitchen staff are known for preparing some of the most tasty lunches you will ever get this side of Alberta.

After lunch you would be tired and you will have rest time. Following rest it is to the lake for swimming and following that it is to the showers and then to supper. Following supper campers would be playing games which would be followed by camp fire. This is followed by vespers and then we have lights out.

WOW!  What a day!