Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are designed with the age level of the camper in mind.  Safety precautions are in place and skills will be taught and reviewed with all activities which include:


This is open for junior to senior campers.  While exploring the lake with trained staff, canoeists are required to wear personal flotation devices (PFD’s). A lifeguard will be on duty overseeing this activity.


Archery is available for Junior to Senior campers.  This sport helps develop hand eye coordination and enables campers to enjoy the outdoors while developing new skills.


Campers will be allowed time to relax and enjoy the beautiful beach. A lifeguard is on duty when campers are in the water or on the beach front.


A number of fun outdoor games are organized during the camps encouraging fun and cooperation.  It’s a great time to run, shout and expend energy while enjoying the outdoors.


Outdoor cooking and campfires are experienced by all campers. They are times to have fun, enjoy good food, participate in camp fire songs, hear good stories and share in beautiful fellowship.


Walking along a lakeside or backwoods trail allows campers to experience Gods creation up close and personally.